Campaigning for Change


Citizens Advice New Forest do not just give advice and information …

… we also campaign for change on issues that are affecting people in the New Forest and this helps everyone in the whole of the UK.

As well as giving advice, we campaign for changes in policies and services where improvements are needed – solving problems for people who may never even use our services. We talk to Government, local councils and other policy makers to help them improve the laws and services that affect ordinary people.
Campaigning for changes in unfair policies and services is an important part of our work.
Citizens Advice is respected for its impartiality and independent analysis, and is listened to at all levels of government. Councillors, MPs, and Ministers all consult Citizens Advice on a wide range of issues. Fore more details see the Citizens Advice website.

New Forest Campaigns
The stories that people share with Citizens Advice New Forest give us a unique insight into the problems facing people people in the New Forest. We collect evidence on the problems facing our clients and use this to campaign for change on local and national policies and services.

We run several campaigns each year like benefits and housing problems being experienced within our local community. Please come and talk to us about …

Benefit problems

  • Delays
  • Sanctions
  • Confusing information
  • Can’t get online

Housing problems

  • Landlord not making repairs
  • Can’t find suitable housing
  • Facing eviction
  • Deposit and guarantor problems

Drop in to our offices or call Adviceline on 03444 111 306 and tell us your story!

Read our report completed on the 4 July 2016 on Barriers for Private Renters in the New Forest

Our campaign work covers a huge range of issues from housing and benefits, to legal, employment and health. We work with local councillors, MPs, service providers and policymakers.

You can help us! By allowing us to use your story we can use it to ask those responsible to make changes.

We work in partnership with many agencies to fight for changes where people are suffering through unfair practices.

National Campaigns
The national Citizens Advice Social Policy team writes evidence reports on a range of issues. With over two million clients each year this evidence is hard to ignore. We speak up about the policies and services that cause people problems.

You can get involved by supporting our campaigns and helping us change things for the better. Current campaigns include:

Settled and Safe: A Renters Right

The private rental sector remains a market in which consumers are woefully under-protected. We want this to change. We don’t see why renters should expect anything less than the protections consumers take for granted elsewhere – repairs that get done, systems to protect them from cowboys, refunds when things go badly wrong.

Fair play for prepay

Despite paying on average £80 a year more than direct debit customers, energy prepayment meter users get a second class service. Join consumers everywhere demanding a fairer deal for millions of energy prepayment meter users.

Mad about the ad

Misleading advertisements make it harder for consumers to make the right choice, to distinguish between genuine bargains and those that exaggerate to deceive.

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