Healthwatch Hampshire & Citizens Advice New Forest

As partners for Healthwatch Hampshire, Citizens Advice New Forest will champion for health and social care. We help collect stories, good and bad, about what is going on in the health and care services.

Talk to Citizens Advice New Forest and Healthwatch Hampshire about your experiences and we will help you and your family get the best out of your local health and social care services.

What is Healthwatch?
Healthwatch is the new independent consumer champion created to gather and represent the views of the public. It exists in two distinct forms – local Healthwatch such as Healthwatch Hampshire and Healthwatch England, at national level. The aim of local Healthwatch is to give citizens and communities a stronger voice to influence and challenge how health and social care services are provided within their locality.

What Does Healthwatch Hampshire Do?
Healthwatch Hampshire has taken on the work of the Local Involvement Networks (LINks) and also:

  • represents the views and experiences of people who use services, carers and the public on the Health and Wellbeing Boards set up by local authorities
  • provides information and signposting to people about local health and care services, how to access them and how to find their way round the system
  • reports concerns about the quality of health and social care services to Healthwatch England, which can then recommend that the Care Quality Commission take action

How Does Healthwatch Hampshire Work?
Every voice counts when it comes to shaping the future of health and social care, and when it comes to improving it for today. Everything that Healthwatch Hampshire does will bring the voice and influence of Hampshire people to the development and delivery of local services.
Healthwatch Hampshire acts on behalf of Hampshire people.

    -We’re helping you to shape and improve the services you use.
    -We’re engaging with people in your community & if you haven’t met us yet, please get in touch!
    -We’re an open organisation and want to make it easy for you to talk to us
    -We’re inclusive & we want people from every part of your community to join us
    -Ask us what we’re doing & we’ll always tell you what’s happening.
    -You can hold us to account
    -We’re here to help services to improve.
    -We’ll notice the bad things they do, and the good
    -We use your evidence to build a true picture of your local services

How do Citizens Advice Hampshire and Hampshire Healthwatch Work Together?
Citizens Advice Hampshire are working in partnership with Help and Care and Action Hampshire to deliver Healthwatch Hampshire. We provide two specific services:

  • A walk in reporting service
  • An advocacy service

The Walk in Service is based in local CAB offices like us at the Citizens Advice New Forest. This offers the opportunity for the community to not only discuss their concerns about NHS and Social Care but other connected issues relating to their health and wellbeing.

The more complex cases are dealt with by our advocacy service. The circumstances where a case would be referred might be:

    -When the case is complex and perhaps covers a few NHS organisations
    -When it involves continuing healthcare issues
    -When clients need more input to help them handle and deal with their complaint
    -When they are unable, due to learning difficulties or grief to articulate their complaint
    -If they are nervous about facing an NHS organisation on their own.
    -Where a client has tried to go through the process themselves but can not get any further

Every Voice Counts

To discuss in more detail either visit your local bureau or contact Healthwatch Hampshire on 01963 440262.

Your story can change local health and care services.